Let loose in Snowdonia National Park

Itโ€™s a cold, wet & windy Monday evening & the perfect time to sit down and get my website together and start posting! Let me tell you about my trip to Snowdonia last weekend!


With us girls holding down very hectic full time jobs, all 5 of us needed that weekend away that did not involve the bars, clubs and lots of wine. Back in summer my friend had some great pictures of her exploring Snowdonia, which inspired me to gather a few of us together to trek up the Snowdon mountains.

Working full time, leading a busy social lifestyle & starting my new blog, I barely get time to breath. I realised that when you want to take time out, why not look at your own doorstep? The UK is a beautiful country offering a sense of adventure, we decided it was about time we visited Snowdonia.

So, off we went on a Friday evening travelling up in my Fiat 500 (donโ€™t ask, we did not actually think through the travelling to & from North Wales). All 5 of us managed to pack in our hiking gear and be on our way, I of course drove as I have a massive passenger phobia. We turned up the hip hop, dance tunes and some classics, dancing and singing all the way. The journey took us 6 hrs and time flew by, being together we all valued the chance to get to know each other and laugh our socks off.

We finally arrived tired and stayed in a B&B in Llanberis, we were all in a room together and quickly feel into a deep sleep. In the morning we all woke, got dressed & headed to the cafe next door to enjoy a full english before our hike!


Now, let me tell you about the hike! Us girls decided due to the travelling time we would only hike the one day, which was the Saturday. Lucky for us our friend Liga (Instagram: ligakalke), who is a serious hiker had lots of ideas where we could trek and explore with a decent amount scenery. Liga chose the path called Cader Idris via the Pony Path. This route is know as one of Wales best known peaks with stunning views.

img_1359The route is tough on the ankles and knees so wear sensible shoes (trekking boots if you have them or trainers are just fine). If you choose to go around autumn/winter then wear a hat to support the ears, with a suitable water proof as its very windy when you reach the top.ย The walk is very steep, so you heat up quickly, no need for lots of layers otherwise you are stripping off the further you get up the mountain.


We had an amazing weekend, with lots of laughter, bonding and getting to know each other even more. Taking time out with your friends is an experience that we all need to have as many times as we can. Your true friends are their for you, they witness you at your best & worst, there is no better way to bond then through physical exercise.


Remember this guys, Jobs will fill your pockets & adventures will fill your sole. Keep exploring and trying news things as often as you can with your friends.


Be at one with nature & let it take your breath away!


Thank you for reading ๐Ÿ™‚

8 thoughts on “Let loose in Snowdonia National Park

  1. Very nicely summarized weekend ๐Ÿ˜Š It was super fun. I could not recommend more to go and visit it. And I love your quote “Jobs will fill your pockets & adventures will fill your sole”

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