Visiting Marbella & Ibiza : Breaking free from a lost relationship, gaining a sense of self


I wanted to share this 2nd travel post with you all. This post includes everything that makes a great holiday with the girls. I am talking SUN, SEA, SWIMWEAR, FASHION, FRIENDSHIP, CULTURE, FOOD & DRINK. All these elements are what make a great summer holiday. However, there actually was an alternative reason behind me on going on holiday & I will share with you what that is, along with what made Marbella & Ibiza so fun.

When you visit my About Me page you will read that my motivator behind my website is to inspire women to live life for yourself, be independent & ensure you add lots of adventure in your life. (Add me on snapchat: hollyann1990 to receive daily updates).  Instead of doing the usual travel post, I want to share with you my travels but what the experience actually meant for me.

Back in August myself & 2 of my closest friends decided to fly out to Marbella and then minus 1 of us went straight out to Ibiza afterwards. We all live in different towns so seeing each other when we can is always a lavish affair. Although I do love the autumn vibes, with the recent shocking cold weather I was reminiscing about my holiday & how far I have come in terms of developing myself.


Let me explain more, 4 weeks prior to going on holiday I was fresh out of a very toxic, unloving and volatile relationship. This relationship over a year & half has crushed me as a person, destroyed my confidence, led too loss of security in my decisions & most importantly the love for myself. I was emotionally bullied into a relationship that looking back on it was never ready for or wanted. (There is so much more to this story I want to share with you, which I will write in a future blog post). Living along side another persons insecurity, robs your life and relationships of zest. We approach everything in a self-conscious, defensive and anxious way, it even causes anxiety disorders.

When I eventually broke free of the hold which was incredibly hard my mind was crystal clear. Despite being so unhappy for so long, I was addicted to the relationship & I went cold turkey & just cut all emotional attachment. For the 1st time in 7 years I was single, no one to answer to, no one to tell me what to do and so on… When I received a call from by best friend of nearly 10 years (check out her blog asking if I fancied a holiday, my response was a hell yes!


Marbella set the tone for rest of our holiday with its beauty & luxury. We were blessed with staying in a 5 star hotel, champagne on arrival, free access to the spa, beautiful surroundings and great food. The hotel we stayed at was this hotel provided us with nothing other then supreme comfort. Additionally, with the hotel we had VIP access to La Cabane Beach Club & this place was simply wonderful. A short buggy ride from the hotel we were in even more luxury, with a ocean view lounger bed & more very good champagne.



Ibiza was the next destination as served as the perfect opportunity for myself and Victoria to spend quality time together. We live a few hours apart & have remind friends for a long time, enduring the best & worst of times. The highlights to this holiday was snapping in our bikini shots, relaxing with great food in the old town & hitting up Ocean Beach Club. We only had a short visit but was more then enough to set ourselves goals for the rest of the year & make plans to enhance our passions.



Victoria actually give me the advice to start my website and that blogging was a great way for her to get over her relationship and now has turned it into a fantastic business opportunity. As soon i got back from Ibiza i set the motion in place and now i am posting on my very own website. FYI: Let your friends inspire you and don’t be afraid to try new things.


It’s time to remember what it’s like to feel like you again!

When I resurfaced from my relationship & starting going through the initial grieving stages (as you do)! I was forced to reflect on everything & realised that because I was poorly treated throughout the relationship & after, I wanted to seek revenge. Its okay to be angry! Actually, feel blessed with experiences that life gives to you, as they only make you stronger & discovered new things about yourself. You move from being angry to thankful for the person you have become. I have now made my peace with what has gone before & feel totally invigorated by what is to come.

Never seek revenge or seek time to getting back at him: Devote time to finding yourself & uncovering the potential you have to inspire those around you!

When you break out of a relationship you must do something for yourself, you must learn to love yourself with no desire to seek approval from the ex. Forget them & move on. Seeking revenge will only drain you and take you away from repairing yourself. So, take time out with your friends/family have lots of fun, no matter how naughty it is.

My vision moving forward is to inspire friends & strangers alike, that i take comfort in knowing, that i am the life to their party and the calm to their chaos. This is why i have chosen to take on posting about my travel, fashion, health & wellness & relationships with a touch of fashion & beauty. All of these things make us who we are & should embrace them.


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