She was beautifully out of place: Only to find the path ahead is where she intended to be.

At the weekend I came across this beautiful quote “She was beautifully out of place. Sometimes I believe she intended to be. Like the moon during the day”. 

This quote got me thinking, for so long I have felt so out of place: Including fearing alone time, dwelling on the past, feeling sorry for myself, wasting energy on things I am unable to control, due to experiences that I believed destroyed me as a person. I spent the last 3 months rebuilding myself, little by little & day by day, recovering from severe depression which nearly trapped & over powered me.

On Sunday I took time out with my closest, visiting a beautiful delicate town called Arundel. I have actually been here a few times & on this occasion we headed out to The Black Rabbit. A wonderful pub with a stunning backdrop.



We enjoyed the most amazing roast dinner (that beside my mum’s) was the best roast dinner I have enjoyed out. To be exact on our choices we went for roast duck! Which was a great surprise when the waiter was listing off the choices, as pubs tend to stick to the traditional’s. The place is highly popular, so if you are down that end of town you must book!


While we were enjoying this hands down 5* great roast dinner, my friend who has been a huge support & rock through my journey, decided to take time to reflect on how far I have come.

Suffering from Anxiety and Depression is extremely difficult & for anyone can be triggered by anything, usually events/relationships which are not positive in your life at that time.

Depression is like having an abusive relationship with yourself without the right support & network around you, it will take over, which then you are making choices that will destroy you & those around you.

My depression was connected with Anxiety disorder, this was all triggered by a relationship I was in at that time. During the relationship I was victim to someone else’s insecurity & toxic selfish behaviour. Let me tell you something, a man until he finds himself will ruin every women he comes across. Remember, if you are going through this “No amount of security is worth suffering of a mediocre life, chained to a routine that has killed you and your dreams”. 

For me & my friend we feel so blessed & thankful! You should as well, what are you blessed and thankful for? 

Both of us this year have gone through life changing experiences! On reflection, we dedicated our time to ensure we have as many adventures as possible, within our careers we become successful, we build a strong network around us (friends & family) & our lifestyle blogging projects have kicked off!!!!. If you are reading this and want to contact me for any questions please do so.
If you are suffering from depression, let me tell you that there is a way out & this experience will make you stronger. When you are unable to control what may be happening to you, challenge yourself to control the way you respond to what is happening to you. That is where the power is!!


A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions. You need to self help yourself & only you can self help yourself, only you can make a decision to battle the disease, not letting it take over and ruin your life.

Take away this for a thought: read more to learn more, write more to feel time, breathe to release. Always when it gets to much take time to marvel your life: Heartache will make you wiser, Grief will soften you & Suffering will strengthen you.

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