Experiencing the Big Apple at Christmas time: New York Adventures – Part 1

New York at Christmas is magical, it’s on the majority of bucket lists & nearly everyone will say you must experience this city at Christmas.

It is certainly on my bucket list & a life changing experience to help me gain control of my mental illness, giving me meaning to stay alive & making the most of my time here.

How & Why did I end up in New York for Christmas? 

Back in July I made a decision to make a change. I wanted to inspire people to say “because of you, I too did not give up, because of you I now see a way out & a life for me yet”.  Since July I have encourage myself to take actions & make decisions to gain control of my mental Illness (depression, anxiety, self harming & waking up every morning to fight the demons that made me tired the night before). “It truly does take courage to live through suffering & it takes honestly to observe it – C.S Lewis”. Taking control of my mental illness meant for me, MAKING IT A PRIORITY.

I knew 2016 Christmas was going to be a difficult, I was facing the chance of being single for the 1st time in 7 years, see my past relationships happy with other people, yet there was a fear at that time, I could not be. My fear of being miserable was far to high & bringing my family down with me at a time of happiness. I refused to put myself & those I love dearly through that!. Therefore, with my travel obsessed friend of more then 8 years (check her out: www.victoriahearn.co.uk) we booked the experience of our lifetime.

One thing I have learn’t since starting this journey back in July, travelling no matter how much you choose to do, is a wonderful escape for you to understand how beautiful life really is. Travel Experiences no matter how big or small allow you to escape your darkest moments. This starts by removing yourself from surroundings which currently make you unhappy, allowing yourself to explore new ways of life. Right now you may have a gift (mental Illness), a gift to see life in a different way to others around you, your future determines how you perceive this gift & what you do with it. I would recommend to take this gift & offer a present to yourself. Be here now, explore, travel, try new things & take those you value most with you.

Kicking the day off in NYC with Two Hands 


Day 1 of my time in NYC, was the start to celebrating the festivities on Christmas Eve for my 26th birthday. On this day for most of the morning, the heavens poured down on us, so we had to change our schedules slightly. We headed on down to Two Hands, an Aussie Cafe, located very close to Little Italy & China Town, along with our next destination World Trade Centre Memorial.

Now, if you are like me & love a place that serves nutritional, simple yet delicious food, along with being very instagram-able for us bloggers, this is your place (www.twohandsnyc.com). They serve the best menu with so much to choose from & range in price from $$ -$$$. Two Hands for breakfast & brunch are most popular for their Acai bowls, avocado on toast & excellent down under inspired coffee.


Taking time to think at the National September 11 Memorial & Museum 

After brunch we took a walk, one of the best ways to explore the city. On our way to the World Trade Centre we came across a landmark to NYC, which was the Flat Iron building, in its time & kinda of still is a ground breaking sky scraper.


Everyone remembers where they were on the day of 9/11, this event was one of the most shocking to take place in history. The 9/11 memorial was on our list of places to visit, when we entered the museum, it was touching, insightful & sad. The museum offers a wonderful experience with silent space to reflect & think, especially about how humanity came together & how far we have come from this, the memorial was a breath-taking insight.


Processed with VSCO with a5 preset


Brooklyn Bridge Sunset Shot & STK Birthday Dinner

To end our day, we took an afternoon stroll down Wall Street. I am a big fan of anything Wall Street & the sales driven business world, this was exciting & an eye opener to the possibilities. At the end of the walk we came out onto a stunning sunset backdrop behind the one & only Brooklyn Bridge.


After we relished in the sunset, we then headed back to our hotel & got suited & booted. For dinner we directed ourselves to the famous luxury American Steakhouse, STK Midtown (www.togrp.com). Throughout the evening we enjoyed cocktails, great food & of course a glass of prosecco or 2 (my favourite).

Happy Birthday to me & here is to turning 26, learning to love life again & seeing what this year will bring for me.


Thank you for reading 🙂


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