Erin Henson (Australian poet) once said “Perhaps we only leave, so we may once again arrive, to get a bird’s eye view of what it means to be alive. For there is beauty in returning, oh how wonderful, how strange, to see that everything is different, but know it’s only you who’s changed”

Part 1 of my NYC travels I shared with you that travel is the best way to heal in life & experiences are the best way to learn. They also help you realise that there is more to life then the moment you are currently caught up in. Whether that be a painful experience, an illness or a routine that is making you go crazy with boredom.

It is always good to take yourself away from your current environment to give you time to think, reflect & take meaning to your life, giving you the chance to understand what you may need to change.

In this Part 2 blog I want to share with you 3 key experiences and the meanings they gave me to change my perspective, change me & understand how wonderful life really is. Never to forget the moments when the illness I suffer from, decides to take over.

Jack’s Wife Freda : An Immigrants love story….

Jack’s Wife Freda is a wonderful friendly all day bistro, with its food theme based around American/Mediterranean cooking, based in NYC Soho. The restaurant represents a love story & a passion for food. Jack & Freda were a loving couple that met back in 1930’s they had a son & a daughter with a handful of grandchildren. One of their grandchildren Dean met his wife Noam & together they enjoyed often visits to their grandmother’s Freda. She offered incredible food, warm welcoming gatherings with family, friends & strangers alike. Dean & Noam woke up one morning & the idea of their own restaurant was born “Jack’s wife Freda”, with all their courage, handful of clothes and determination. In 2012 the bistro was opened, becoming on the most popular places to visit in NYC Soho.

outside jack wife freda.jpg

The experience of the bistro was wonderful; it was busy full of joy with an excellent menu choice of food. We really struggled to make a decision. The coffee was in serious good taste & they even had homemade lemonade that was a very popular choice with those dining there.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

lemondaeOver my recovery period I started about 6 months ago, I have struggle with my anxiety & keeping this under control. Anxiety causes tiredness & affects your mental health greatly. I came to realise that your diet & the way you enjoy food will help you in controlling your anxiety, when you experience an attack your energy levels are higher to deal with it. The choices you make on what you eat & how enjoy your food is a big factor in how you control your mental illness.

Rockefeller Centre: Top of the Rock: The concrete Jungle.

The Rockefeller Centre is one of the best places to view NYC up high.


At the top of the rock the views really are spectacular. When you encounter the full beauty of the Concrete Jungle you come to realise how small, yet how large the city is. NYC you can see is full of stories, full of adventure & full of opportunities. The same as your life, grow like a city, let people in & out of your life, wonder & be curious to how far you can push yourself. Then stop, view your life from a bird eyes view & see how beautiful it is.


Black tap : The place with the epic milkshakes

Now if you visit NYC you have to come to Black Tap.

black tap.jpg

Now just take a moment to look at the picture below


Black Tap is one of the most swag –full places you can go to eat & is a real treat for all the family. Black Tap is incredibly popular, so at busy times expect to queue. The restaurant offers craft burgers, beer & out of this world milkshakes.

Remember to treat yourself; remember to let yourself do something that is so naughty yet so nice. The mind needs to feel, the mind needs to not put barriers. So go ahead and indulge once in a while.

Thank you for reading

Contact me if you wish to hear more about my NYC travels or have any questions.


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