Eat Well & Travel Often : Eating well is a form of self – respect

When you are healthy you are at your best, you have energy, you look good & most importantly you feel good. I can not recommend more to get out & explore the food this world has to offer.

When you suffer from Mental Illness, including depression, anxiety & even other forms such as PTSD & anorexia, its very easy to either comfort eat with unhealthy sugar loaded food or to not eat at all. Your diet is the biggest way to help you recover & control the moments when the illness decides it wants to take over.

About 7 months ago I lived a life where depression was my main form of feeling, making my decisions for me & leading me to believe that my world would be better of without me. I spent life like this for a year & a half, attempting suicide & not living well at all. My weight change dramatically & eating was not at the forefront of my mind at all. For some time, I literally functioned of coffee, water & substances that offered me no help to think clearly. Eating was a painful experience & I would often thrown up what I had consumed to due the Illness, as my mind was not functioning.

Since this traumatic time, as you can see I am in a much stronger place, still not 100% but with good friends & family around me, my mind is growing stronger & my views to life are getting better.

One massive change I did was eating healthy & realising that food is a friend not an enemy & that you can do so much with food it’s actually crazy.

Eat Well & Travel

Over the new year period I went to one of my favourite cities in Europe, Barcelona. I lived here 2 years ago for quite some time & the city offers me so much comfort & peace. The food scene in Barcelona is amazing, so for this blog post I want to share with you 2 of my favourite places.

Flax & Kale: Eat Better, Be Happier & Live Longer

The title of this section is Flax & Kale motto. They actually get there inspiration from New York Soho restaurants & was opened up back in 1979, by a pioneer in veggie restaurant called Teresa Carles. As for food, this place is nicknamed the kingdom of vegetables, 80% of what they offer is plant based, along with an excellent range of cold press smoothies.

This place is so reasonably priced you can go all out and enjoy yourself. I enjoyed my favourite avocado on toast, a bowl of fresh fruit, a vegan donut, protein ball and a recovery juice. Sounds a lot but when food tastes this good & your outside in the Spanish sunshine, there is no need to rush. Instagram: @flaxandkale


Brunch and Cake by the Sea


There are few of these wonderful places located around Barcelona, family run & 5th one to be opened soon. They strongly believe that there is nothing better in life then sharing a good strong meal in a beautiful setting with friends, I could not agree more. They all have in common, natural light, rich simple food & wanderlust. With a warm tone to there food & culture of the restaurant. They follow the Grandmother philosophy, do absolutely everything by hand, be honest & feel yourself with the best possible ingredients. Instagram: @brunchandcake.


Thank you for reading


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