This is you : The Art of being alone

When someone asks you what does being by yourself mean? The majority will say it’s about being alone & enjoying it.

Sufferers of Anxiety & Depression are frequently tired, scared & battling with the idea of being alone. For some they can handle it, others it takes time to really understand the meaning & more importantly taking advantage of the times when you can be alone.

As a sufferer of mental illness, raising awareness is why I created this blog. Living with anxiety is like being followed by voice. It knows all your insecurities & uses them against you. It gets you to point when its the loudest voice in the room. The only one YOU can hear. So, being alone is not a luxury until you learn how to live with mental illness. Until I was able to live my life the way I deep down wanted to, I needed to build the bridge before I could explore my possibilities.

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From my personal experience I believe there is more of a fine art to understand what it is like to be alone. Questions you need to ask yourself: What works for you? What being alone means to you? Why are choosing to be alone at this time? What will you do, to gain the most out of your alone time experience?. The self help materials tend to give you inspirations, ideas or how to handle being single & alone. From my experience there is actually a bigger picture here. It’s about independency & dealing with the emotions with what situation you are coming to terms with.

Being by yourself is how you take on life, the choices that you make & the journey you explore that is best for you. Ask yourself the question do you rely on others for an experience or do you create your own excitement. In other words what world do you create for yourself or do others create it for you? Being alone means more then actually physically being by yourself. Being by yourself is the freedom to want to grow & become more, this includes being content & in love with yourself.


Ignore the world of the social media, ignore what every one else is doing & achieving! It is not real at all, pictures paint a thousand words of an untold truth. Your life is about breaking your own limits & outgrowing yourself to live your best life. You are not in competition with anyone else. Plan to out do your past, not other people. It is like the Law of Attraction, when you truly want something & go after it without limiting yourself with disbelief, the universe will make it happen.

Look at what is going on around you, are you dealing with love or attachment? Remember an attachment vs the love you have for someone or something is very different. Love something/someone it says “I want to be happy”. Attachment says “I want you to make me happy”. Why are you making the choices you are making, what is the reason? This help me to realise in my last relationship I was never in love, it was the attachment of having a person there to make me happy. Going through the ordeal I went through talked me one valuable lesson. Being alone is a positive & a strong situation I had every part of me wanted to embrace. I was better off now, I was stronger now, I was a survivor of abuse & a survivor of self harming & a survivor of my own mind.

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Be kinder to yourself & let your kindness flood the world. You must want to spend the rest of life with yourself first, then your positivity will shine. Your depression becomes easier to live with along with the decisions you make & the way you deal with your emotions. What is most destructive in your life is what you are most defensive about, let it go if it is not healthy for you.

My social media (Instagram, snapchat & blog) is showing you the world I choose to live in, not all of it is real & sometimes my pictures paint a picture of happiness & achievement. Though they do not tell you the dark world I sometimes live in & go through. I want to inspire & show you I am doing this for myself, for I can now be alone & its the best experience I will ever enjoy.


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