Living in America : Experiencing the Miami dream

About 4 weeks ago I was exposed to an amazing opportunity, the chance to move to Miami. This was a once in a lifetime experience & one of which did not take me long to agree too. Miami is over 4000 miles away from my home in Bournemouth & to be honest was the trip I needed, 12 weeks of hard work, sun & the American vibes.

Moving to Miami was another travel experience I was not going to let go, I have become the girl that goes for it. My Mission in life is not to be mediocre or just simply survive, I want to thrive & do so with passion, compassion, humour & sheer style with class. Everyone around me I want them to be happy, smile & be the one person that lifts & supports, those I deeply care about. A positive lifestyle leads to positive life changes, it has the domino effect. You love life & it will for sure love you back. I want to share with you that if you can train your mind to see the good in everything, seek to understand the flaws & what makes that person/situation what it is, you will view life how it should be viewed. Positivity is a choice, the happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts.

Thrive & Strive 

My really close south african joyous friend once told me “Holly this is a great experience for you, when you are so out your comfort zone you thrive”. I look back over my experiences & she was right! The person I am now to the person I was a year ago, is totally different. I now only strive for positivity & success.

I used to want to forget about my life from when I was suffering in my darkest days of depression, attempting suicide & thinking life was not worth living. I will never forget those days & thankful for them, they made me who I am. My scaring reminds me if I keep allowing myself to experience what to some can be very uncomfortable situations, I was always going to strive. Remember that survival mode kicks in when you are away from all you know & this makes you grow into a stronger person then what you were yesterday.

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From my last non-loving relationship which caused me nothing but pain & leading a life where I felt nothing but pain. I learned to NEVER chase a human being again. Instead chase your curiosity, development, goals & passion. You must strive to work for something bigger then yourself, instead of trying to convince someone that you fit within their world. BUILD YOUR OWN.

The beautiful thing about self love is you wear it like a dress. You become more timeless, classier & exquisite as you learn to be independent & free in yourself. People become incredibly attracted to this & want you in there life, enjoying the time they spend with you.

miami 3

Meeting new people, learning & gaining a different perception 

My amazing time in Miami so far has allowed me to meet some incredible people. People with different backgrounds, life experiences & great stories to tell. Every person you meet in life is a new door to different world, I love to get to know people & learn from them.

It’s a wonderful way to spend your time, building friends is building who you are. I am a big fan of meeting new people & it has helped me realise my inner thoughts are a waste. The negativity is not bigger then me, they are worthless meaningless thoughts. I am bigger then these thoughts, I am stronger then these thoughts & meeting new people teaches me that. Meeting people with a similar mind & vibe to you is worth my time & is a nice way to explore inner personalities.

Talk with individuals who make you see the world differently, let your family love you & let new experiences teach you the way in life.

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Miami so far has talked me a lot, strive for success, make myself proud, build my life through learning from others.

My final thought to you: You may have to loose who you were to find out who you are. I survived because the fire in me burned brighter then the fire around me.

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