Orange Blossom Miami : Encounter the Florida Charm

The little things? The little moments? They aren’t little.


As a sufferer of depression & anxiety, the little moments I have with my mind are not so little to me, especially when these 2 enemies want to come out to play. When I go through this mental battle, these little moments to some, will change the direction of my life drastically.

Very recently I suffered moments of depression & thoughts of hopelessness, this made me just want to be on my own. I couldn’t handle the people I was around, the noises that filled my ears, along with the discomfort of my own thoughts. This time for whatever reason I was unable to control what I was saying, feeling, thinking & doing. Although according to my social media I am living a life of sheer luxury in Miami (which do not get me wrong I feel very blessed), the reality is very different to what is going on in my mind.


Here is why : Unfortunately those I am around with often in Miami either do not know my story or I am unable to share my story. This is because they will listen but will they truly understand? This alone brings on anxiety which makes me feel weak & afraid, I feel I have no-one to talk to or rely on. WRONG!!! I have myself to rely on, this is the depression taking to me. It knows I am away from my comforts, friends & family, it’s thinking lets attack while the defence is down. It can fuck off I say!!!! Yes I am away from comforts! Equally, this will teach me to think & behave in different ways, making me stronger. I fear these moments & need to embrace them.

What you have to remember when you are in fear or unable to think ahead, is to remember what makes you happy? What will inspire you? & what will make you smile again? More importantly what will set your mind back to think positively?

Here is what I did….. (Yes me, this is the most important part, you have to make the difference to feel better in yourself).

Within a couple of days time I knew my mother was flying from England to Miami to come & support me, have a holiday & spend quality time together. This alone was enough to up lift me, this amazing women as been the one person I can rely on in my darkest days, she is a hero to me & always there when I need her. Within her stay here I had to take her to Miami style brunch, talk with her, share my thoughts & Iron myself out. There was no better place then Orange Blossom. 

Orange Blossom : True Miami Style Brunch


Orange Blossom is a little friendly vibrant restaurant located in Miami Beach. Orange Blossom atmosphere was one of the best I have encountered & the perfect place to take myself & my mother. Orange Blossom was a great way to experience bit of culture in Miami, enjoying the Miami Sunday Brunch. The brunches here in Miami are a fun social gathering & one of my favourite activities to do here on a chilled Sunday. Nearly all Miami brunches include bottomless drinks (our choice of drink was the Bellini’s).


The menu was fantastic with a lot of american style dishes to choose from, I really felt like I was about to eat real american food, not the typical fast food people associate America with.

So…..What did we choose to eat? 

Me being me, I love to try food combinations that are different.

Starter: Salmon Tartar, this was raw salmon in an indian curry aioli & naan bread.

Main: Nutella French Toast

Mother’s choice

Starter: Gazpacho, cold soup with cucumber, red/green peppers, red onion, red vinegar, lime juice & tabasco served with tomato bread.

Main: Kale Chicken Sandwich, served with hand cut fries.

Processed with VSCO with a5 presetProcessed with VSCO with f2 presetIMG_6827

The food was so full of flavour, leaving us both very satisfied. I truly recommend Orange Blossom for a Sunday treat, enjoy the atmosphere, very friendly staff & music to keep you upbeat & happy while you enjoy your meal.


If you want to experience the Florida Charm then Orange Blossom is a must while you are in Miami.

Thank you for reading





















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