YOLO : You Only Live Once

In life I have two moods & they are, constant panic, worry & fear of the unknown! Along with YOLO,  the phrase that basically means fuck it! However, do not get the concept of YOLO mixed. What I mean by that is YOLO isn’t to go smoke, drink or make an ass out of yourself. It’s to go out & do something with your life that matters & your passionate about.

The concept of this blog post has come from my experience at another recent brunch spot. YOLO restaurant based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. While I have been living in Miami, brunch on a Sunday has been one of my favourite things to do!




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Yolo is located in the heart of Downtown Las Olas which is in Fort Lauderdale. Only a short Uber ride from Miami.

Yolo has two meanings! You only live once & Your on Las Olas. This place is a socialite’s playground with a dynamic menu of innovative american cuisine. YOLO offers you the experience of dining & not just a restaurant to go eat in. Looking for a sophisticated place to hang with the girls or guys (with lot’s of Instagram worthy pictures), then this luxury venue is the place to go.


My dining experience at Yolo’s started off with the waiter as per usual asking us “What can I get you ladies to drink”, I straight away said “Bottomless please” (standard, one of the reasons I love Sunday Brunch in America so much). He laughed & said of course, listing off the options we could have. What caught my attention was when he said bottomless Moet Rose Champagne, what a perfect drink to have to enjoy with the girls. He then said $35, I was like “your kidding” – “I will have that please”. What a luxury to enjoy on a Sunday afternoon & an unexpected surprise.


The menu offered some unique choices & of course the popular French toast. This time I wanted something different, something I hadn’t tried before.

When you suffer from depression & you are able to get yourself out the house with those that understand you. Let that experience you decide to do offer you something different to think about & enjoy.

I was delighted with the offer of bottomless Moet Rose Champagne & I wanted my meal to equally be surprising & satisfying. It’s all the little things that make a moment add up.

My choice of dish was the Ribeye Omelette with horse radish sauce, crispy onions & fries. To finish I was really naughty & enjoyed a classic New York cheesecake with Orange whip (that is whipped cream to us brits). The girls both chose French Toast & we ordered extra sausage & a side of fresh forest berries.


I generally can say that YOLO was one of the best places I have visited, along side Orange Blossom & Don Shula Steak house.

YOLO to me is to love your life! Take pictures of those special moments, tell those you care about that you love them, enjoy talking to random strangers, challenge yourself to do things you are scared off. One thing I will say is FUCK IT, because you really never know what might happen.

A year ago now I nearly let go of my life & ever since I have refused to let myself get into that way of thinking again.

It can be difficult & there has been times where I find it could just be the easy option for me. Then I stop & think WHY, life can offer simple pleasure like this! My advice, take your life & make the best story in the world. Do not waste your time on anything that is negative or not uplifting to you, do not be afraid.

You just have to find what makes you happy.

For those that may be suffering & reading my blog, it’s time to remember to feel alive. You are still breathing but not living, find that fire, take it step by step & release the person you want to be.

After all YOLO.


Thank you for reading



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