The Paradox of Mental Illness : Tips on coping the do’s & don’ts

Paradox of Mental Illness

The odd paradox we face within today’s society we can now speak freely & openly about topics that were once unspeakable. Yet, the topic of mental illness remains largely silent! The subject is one most people want to avoid talking about, addressing, scared to share there experiences, or even worse too embarrassed to admit they are dealing with.

I will say that having depression & anxiety is really weird. When both are in there prime it is a difficult concept to deal with. You are too exhausted to do anything & then anxious because you haven’t done anything. Again one hell of a paradox.

The unhealthy way of coping

Within this post I want to share with you some unhealthy ways of handling situations, if you do suffer from mental illness these can be heighten & stress you out more. I have learn’t you need to see & understand for yourself where you could be creating a worst situation.


  1. Leave a situation without warning
  2. Fighting with someone & throwing negative comebacks into the conversation
  3. Defensive behaviour
  4. Flight Mentality
  5. Sleeping away the problem
  6. Passive aggressive behaviour, providing ultimatums
  7. Negative body language
  8. Not listening & jumping in to get your point across without understanding
  9. Avoiding eye contact
  10. Over eating or the opposite & under eating
  11. Lack of sleep
  12. Letting go of reality
  13. Lack of proper hygiene
  14. Lack of communication

Coping skills : The healthy way

  1. Leave a situation that is not making you feel great with warning to resolve when you are ready
  2. Rationalise as anxiety will make you believe the worst case scenario will happen
  3. Get a good night sleep
  4. Healthy balanced diet
  5. Enjoy long showers or bath time, bring in candles & lavender to maximise relaxation
  6. Do not put life on hold & distract yourself with what you love. The perfect distraction is to do an activity that will occupy your thoughts & use your physical energy
  7. Avoid spending long periods of time on your own
  8. Get professional help when needed
  9. Lean on your friends & family
  10. Delay destructive urges!!!!
  11. Take one small step at time, understand your bigger picture to work towards
  12. Get professional help when needed
  13. Again can’t express this enough, get involved in a distraction, something that you love to do & gets you out of a poor mindset.


Sunday Roast at The Manor, Christchurch 

Sunday is a day I like to say that I am temporary closed for spiritual maintenance. Sunday is the best day of week to relax, spend time with friends & family! Often the day to eat & enjoy the epic english dish of a roast dinner.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Personally for me I like to enjoy a carvery roast, the chance to choose from the selections of meats & veg or if you are greedy like me take it all!

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

The Manor very much provided that satisfaction surrounded by beautiful decor which is laid back and very comfortable. I am a country girl at heart & enjoy going back to my roots with visiting the rural countryside.

For your next Sunday roast check out The Manor


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Processed with VSCO with nc presetProcessed with VSCO with a5 preset







One thought on “The Paradox of Mental Illness : Tips on coping the do’s & don’ts

  1. Came across this page purely by accident. Read some of the pages and…

    Just want to say it’s inspirational. One of the most genuine pages I’ve seen in a long time.

    Wish you the best with it.


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