Speaking Up, Speaking Out: Sharing my personal stories

Old ways will not open new doors, I am happy to have re-found the motivation to start writing again.

There is a popular phrase which tells us “Stop trying to calm the storm, calm yourself, the storm will pass”. A mindful piece of advice that had me thinking, sometimes in life you;

  • Pause 
  • Go full speed 
  • Live life away from what you truly feel passionate about 
  • Slip into a routine which offers a lack of fulfilment 
  • Spend time fitting into modern society trends
  • Taking a step back from a passion or enjoyment that kept you focused or happy

Sometimes all these points will resonate or maybe at the moment one will. For me up until today, all of these resonated with me. For this reason I have decided to make a few changes in my life, one of them is speak up and out about Mental Health again. 

Adam Spreadbury at the Bank of England said “Stories are really important. Stories get people to understand the real impact and see things from a different perspective. Stories give people courage to seek help and speak up. Stories create an environment for change”

This statement is incredibly powerful and a concept I started with a year and a half ago. For many reasons stopped for dealing with my own personal battles. Now, I want to go back to sharing my personal stories, I want to pledge sharing my own experiences may help others who might be suffering, to realise they are not alone. No-one is ever!!!! I want to give back and re-ignite my purpose to help others to not loose there battle.

Mental Health quote

This post is short and to the point. 

I am going back to speaking up and out about Mental Health, hopefully you will support me in sharing my story. It’s time to change and I personally can’t hear another individual loosing their life to mental illness. It can be prevented…. 

For now, my ask is to please, please do not suffer in silence. If you fear, know or want to help someone seek professional help. 



Thank you for reading, please I would love to hear stories and thoughts



2 thoughts on “Speaking Up, Speaking Out: Sharing my personal stories

  1. Good to see you have regained some passion for writing, you are good at it. If i mentioned to people my battles with mental health i always feel as though i get judged, however if i put it into the context of a story it seems to make much more sense to people. My personal battles made me change my job as i lost the passion for what i had been doing for 10 years. I have had to reset and almost start from the bottom again. People dont understand why i changed this aspect of my life until i link it to a story.


  2. Serious injury that shatters your hopes and dreams, tears away what you spent so long building and destroys your confidence with the rest of the world, is easy to hide and keep in a box, because you never want to burden another person with it.
    Things remind you of it every day and never heal. The only way to get round it is to Accept change and let it go.


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