The Danish Way: Hygge Moments

Ready for take-off, ready to travel to a new destination, ready to open my mind to discover a new way of seeing things. The destination this time was Copenhagen. 

The best way I can describe Copenhagen? Well let’s start with the stunning architecture, surrounding royal history, phenomenal Danish food and the Danish culture of kind, helpful Danish locals.

copenhagen danish food.JPG

There was so much of Copenhagen I feel in love with and in 72 hours I had to get a move on and explore, especially with the option of catching the train over to Malmo Sweden for a day.

copehagen malmo sweden.JPG

This is not a travel blog (although happy to share my experiences on places to go and best way to get around Copenhagen). This post is about sharing a new way of dealing with your mental health challenges and incorporating new activities to ease your mind and lead a more peaceful life.

Copenhagen Nyhaven Pic

How I discovered Hygge

Exploring Copenhagen and utilising public transport, I met so many lovely locals who were happy to share their view on what is best to eat and see. Some of the locals I spoke with took a deeper conversation into the culture and way of life; this is where the concept of Hygge was shared with me.

Now at first I said “is this a mushroom, cheese, or Danish dish” of course they laughed at me!!! In fact, the concept of Hygge was inspiring.

Hygge is a Danish and Norwegian word for a mood of coisness and comfort with feelings of wellness and contentment.

What is Hygge?

I was told the best way to explain Hygge is to break down into 4 concepts:

  1. The art of building sanctuary and community of inviting closeness and paying attention to what makes us feel open hearted and alive.
  2. To create well-being, connection and warmth
  3. A feeling of belonging to the moment and to each other
  4. Celebrating the everyday

    Travelling is truly a wonderful concept; so much of who we are is where we have been.
    John Stienbeck once said “People don’t take trips….trips take people”

Copehagen chilled picture

The Hygge way of life

“You don’t need all the things you think you need to do all the things you feel called to do. You have all you need, right now, right here! Now go make life beautiful” – Tess Guinery

When I arrived home I research a simple way of incorporating Hygge into my life. I wanted to find simple activities to do when I felt life was getting too much, when I felt overwhelmed and desperate to feel peace again.

For 7 days I practiced Hygge into my life and by the end of the week I felt content, peaceful and realised that the simple traditional activities, will bring you back to where you need to be mentally.

Try Hygge for 7 days and see how you get on. Build some sanctuary into your life and connect with yourself to feel a belonging in the moment, celebrating your wonderful life.

Here was my 7 days of Hygge:
Cook dinner for yourself or if you live with people cook dinner for them too, step away from social media, TV’s and your phones. Turn on music and light candles to set a calming atmosphere.

Big fan of flowers and plants they add colour to your home and clean the air. Why not today go and buy some flowers or a plant to add some greenery to your living room or bedroom.

Midweek and time to chill with a screen free evening, curl up with a good book, magazine or even your favourite board game with friends.

Get creative – If you love to bake, bake some cookies. If you like to write, write a poem. If you like to draw, create a sketch or paint. If you like to knit, knit a scarf.

Watch a film with family or friends with cosy blankets and hot beverages. Dim the lights, layout some tasty snacks and relax.

Take some time out with a leisurely morning to have breakfast in bed, candles with a book or craft of your choice.

Head outdoors for a long walk to enjoy nature. You could go to the local park, woodland area, seafront or simply explore your neighbourhood.

This Danish art is all about building sanctuary of cosiness, stirring the senses and enjoying the simple things in life. #hyggemoments.

Copenhagen culture

Thank you for reading



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