Welcome to Me


Hi there,

My name is Holly Clark, I am 27 born in Cornwall & now living in Bournemouth, UK lifestyle blogger & raising awareness for Mental Illness.

I recently went through the mid 20’s wake up call & experienced some life changing events over the last year which led me to realise that your 20’s are 10 years of finding yourself! Building that foundation for the rest of your life, we have all accomplished a different journey in life & from that we can all learn from each other.

At the moment I work in the exciting world of Business Sales Management within the IT Industry, working as a full-time Inside Sales Manager. I decided I wanted to start this blog to share with you my passion for life, this mainly includes Travel & being a socialite. Which was something I could not do a year ago at all, my spare time was often locked away in my house, away from the world.

Ultimately, the real reason is to raise awareness for those who suffer from Mental Illness, that you can still live life & it’s not a lonely journey to battle on your own.

My outcome of this blog is to hopefully inspire young individuals to live life for yourself, to be strong, independent & inspirational for others.

I am always looking for/thinking of new exciting things to write about & take pictures of. I love to share my views with so many like minded people.

Thank you for checking out my blog & supporting me. I hope you enjoy my posts & please do not hesitate to get in contact with me.

Happy reading

Lot’s of love



One thought on “Welcome to Me

  1. Hey holly. I’m Jared. I saw your profile on tinder and I wanted to try reaching out to you on here instead. I was really impressed with your blog. I too suffer/ed from mental illness (bi polar) but now try to help people realize a life exists beyond the struggles within. anyway. You seem like a great person. I’d love to catch up some time. Jared


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